Product & motion designer


Self-taught designer, animator, and humanitarian with ambitions to change lives with design.

 Photo by Helena Price, as part of the  Techies Project

Photo by Helena Price, as part of the Techies Project


Arman Nobari

I fell in love with design at the age of 14, while undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 3 Burkitt's Lymphoma. It's a long story, which I'm honored to have shared as one of 100 people picked for the Techies Project. Shameless plug for the project - it's full of amazing people telling incredible stories of personal growth and struggles. You should check it out.

While at university earning my degree in Mass Media & Intercultural Communications, I freelanced to keep a roof over my head. Expanding beyond just pixels, I also taught myself how to paint portraits - which, during my senior year of studies, turned into gallery shows in London and Sacramento, live-painting on the news, and a 3-page magazine interview. A few famous people found my stuff and own originals, but I'll resist name-dropping. I'm still really shocked any of that happened, to be honest.

During my senior year, I was picked for Google +20, which was a top-20 selection of emerging creatives by Google, Maud Design, Wieden+Kennedy, and Semi-Permanent. We flew to LA to participate in an epic hackathon which had the results broadcast during the Semi-Permanent LA conference. Between +20 and graduation, though, I teamed up with Google to create a hackathon called Sac 30. I wrote a case study on it, if you're interested. Those events introduced me to my first mentors, and ended up landing me a job as Whistle's 2nd designer as soon as I graduated. After two and a half years there, in Summer 2016, I joined YouTube as an Interaction Designer.

Okay, that's enough career-related stuff. I love animals, and adopted a pit-mix named Luca in February 2014. He's deaf in one ear, walks into walls regularly, and can be found on Instagram @dapperluca. He's the friendliest, least-coordinated 25-lb ball of love you'll ever find on four legs.

I love tinkering and building passion projects. In college I wrote an AI to help me study, I once invented a filter-free water purification system and patented it (later overturning the patent open-source for the world to have), and a serious portion of my free time is spent barbecuing things.

I'm always open to hearing about cool stuff other people are building, doing, or making. Feel free to drop me a line about anything.