Product & motion designer


Straight out of university, I was hired on as the second designer at Whistle. Being on a very small team - and for a while at one point, the only designer left at the company - my role spanned many categories: motion & product design, marketing production, copywriting, visual design, and animation.

I was at Whistle from January 2014 to August 2016. Through that time, Whistle acquired Tagg - it's largest competitor. We launched a new product around 6 months after the acquisition, which led to our own acquisition a few months later. With the team growing from under 20 to close to 100 over those 2.5 years, I've done whole-company demos of my designs and prototypes, worked on investment pitch decks with the founders, worked 1-on-1 with photographers for the site and packaging, and independently self-taught the necessary skills to deliver on the hundreds of projects thrown my way.

Before leaving the company to join YouTube, I had led the complete redesign of the setup and on-boarding process in the mobile app from research to prototypes, expanded the web version of the product, and spearheaded the redesign of the "core" app components with the 4-person Product Design team I helped build out.

Read my case study of redesigning Whistle's setup & on-boarding process here.

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