Arman Nobari


The opening moments of Sac30, greeting the teams and kicking off the event.

TL;DR - I love design. Here's some info about a gallery show I held in London, getting picked for Google & Semi Permanent's +20, and creating an event that Google would later be incorporated into an official kit for holding similar events globally.

Design literally saved my life as a young teen going through chemotherapy - that's not hyperbole. Curiosity about design ended up captivating me, and motivated me to continue on with treatment. I didn't just want to get through it - I now had something to pursue.

I earned a Bachelors in Mass Media Communication
at California State University: Sacramento. Freelancing while studying to make ends meet, I also taught myself how to paint portraits as another means to support myself and a number of charities.

There's a lot of cool stuff I've built, painted, designed, and tinkered with - but to save this from being too long of a read before we've even said hello, I'll leave it at the following:

I taught myself how to paint and did some gallery shows between CA, NYC, and the UK. Out of sheer boredom I invented a water purifier - it lead to a patent, and then open-sourcing of the patent. A bit before I earned my BA, I was picked for Google+20 - a design sprint for a top-20 selection of young creatives. It inspired me to recreate the event with some major iterating, and my iteration was later picked up by Google for a UX Sprint "kit" for others to replicate the event.

Almost immediately after graduation, I was hired by Whistle Labs as the 2nd designer for the company (and later, for half a year, the only designer). Working there full-time, my responsibilities and projects included designing the online ads and email templates, video editing, illustrating, animating, UI & UX, print design, web design, and building, expanding, and iterating a brand guide. More on this here.

If you're curious about anything I've mentioned so far (or, even better, anything I haven't mentioned), please feel free to get in touch!

Design is very much a part of who I am as a person, and I owe much in my life to it. When I'm not designing or painting, I'm on the hunt for the perfect dumpling, hiking, or longboarding - but never at the same time.