Product & motion designer


In mid-2016, I joined YouTube as an Interaction Designer on the Subscriptions team. My work has involved UX & motion design, research, prototyping, branding, and many, many product sprints.

A lot of what I work on is under-wraps until it publicly launches, so this section is disproportionately sparse compared to the rest of my site :)

Inline channel recommendations

Inline channel recommendations

When you subscribe to a channel on YouTube, it's a perfect opportunity to suggest other things you might like. This was one of the first projects I worked on at YouTube. It involved creating a new lockup for showing channels on the app, doing a ton of user testing, interviewing top-tier creators about their thoughts on iterations, and working with marketing to successfully launch the feature - to rave reviews by users. While I can't talk about metrics specifics, they were quite strong :)